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The Fizzy 3

Welcome to the start of Twisted drink domination aka

The Fizzy 3.

A trio of fizzy drinks with a Twist. Made with our out of the box thinking, crazy combinations & magical mixing resulting in a drink that is a bit of fun in this crazy time.

Made by hand from start to finish using ALL natural ingredients!

No. 2

Our second creation is a bit out there and green, using this little green vegetable & a healthy handful of this fresh herb.

Making a drink that is truly TWISTED!

No. 1

Is our first ever idea way back when... Mixing a few handfuls of this great red fruit with a TWIST of something green and savoury making a drink that is sweet and savoury...

(watch these spaces for lables & design!) 

No. 3

Some say the 3rd one is always a handful, well with this one we have mixed up a treat using this long vegetable with a little sprinkle of this spicy pink ball.

Creating a TWIST of a classic sweet...

We are lookng for a hand to fund the Fizzy 3, the goal is to have enough capital to create the Bubble HQ.

The one stop creation station in the Surrey hills to hand make the drinks from start to finish...

Cordial - Fizz - Can - Lable

So if you want to be part of the story* PLEASE DONATE!!!

Love Dean.

Fund the fun in 24
Be part of the story of TDC...

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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